Six months of winter, done!

So that’s it. Cancel everything in the name of good weather. It’s time to shed the winter shells and get outside!

The weather in Illinois is great for the English – there’s always something to talk about! The seasons are so extreme; true winters and summers with mind blowing lows and sweltering highs.  Autumn, or fall as I should now be calling it, and spring tend to be very short lived but are both so longed for that their arrival causes a frenzy.

And today Spring finally declared itself.


The littlest and I headed straight for trails; clocking a good walk, a number of ‘signs of spring’ spots – including buds, birds and a rabbit – and a good wedge of playground time. The new shades and kicks got an airing and then it was time for me to come back and start something a fresh – this blog!

It might not be New Year but it ceratinly feels like it to me.




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