Ten for Them, Ten for Me – Time to write an ‘Awesome List’ to add zest to our year!

So, all this fresh air and Spring-like fun, not to mention the prospect of 10 weeks of school summer vacation – yes British friend’s TEN weeks but that’s another post – it seems like a good time to make plans.


Last year was the big four-oh for me and I was just over half way through what will have be ten years with a pre-schooler in the house.  I wanted to do something to make myself, well, feel a little bit more like me.  So I wrote myself a Forty by Forty list. Not a bucket list of big dreams but  a bunch of little things that pushed me out of the routine of focusing on the children and into doing some things just for me. I got about three quarters through the list –  I found a baby sitter, spent a night in the city without kids, went somewhere new and adventurous as a family  and among other things researched blogging!

This year I want to, however belatedly, write out ten aims for the children and ten for me. Some we’ve already started on, some will spice up the summer and some might be a little ambitious but it’s time to try a whole bunch of new. It’s time to make life a little more awesome! So here goes…

Ten for them

  1. Reduce plastics waste
  2. Take a trip to the beach
  3. Eat ice cream for dinner
  4. Learn to make a meal
  5. Take the train
  6. Write a guide to the most awesome local playgrounds
  7. Build an air fort
  8. Celebrate 3 ‘novelty holidays’
  9. Embrace Shark Week
  10. Children’s choice!

And ten for me…

  1. Reduce plastics waste
  2. Watch some fireworks
  3. Go someplace new
  4. Date once a month
  5. Read more non fiction
  6. Find a flexible exercise class
  7. Find and use some more recycled products
  8. Grill/BBQ on charcoal on weeknights (without the husband!)
  9. Own enough socks!
  10. Keep a blog

I’ll elaborate and update on progress soon.  Let me know what’s on your ‘Awesome List’  this year!


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