5 Recycled Products for Everyday People – Switches You’ll Barely Notice.

This last month or so I've been trying to make sure that everything our family puts out for recycling is actually recyclable. We've always been fairly careful but it's easy to get lax about rinsing bottles or behind the times with what your area's current recycling contractor will and won't take. But it occurred to me, you're really not solving much with recycling unless you actually use recycled products...

Sensory Bin 101

Sensory bins are one of the few things which keep my children playing independently for a solid hour.  As such I'm all for them! Read on for a basic guide on how to create your own... A sensory bin is formed from any safe, tactile material which encourages children to play while engaging the senses.... Continue Reading →

One Play Dough to Rule Them All…

Ok, so that's not strictly true.  There's endless novelty recipes to be found: the softest, most sensitive, truly edible...  but the only recipe that's ever stuck with us is this basic, no cook method that we then add into depending on what we want it for. Here goes. Ingredients: 2 cups flour - all purpose... Continue Reading →

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