Spools of Crafty Fun – Ribbon Sticks are Pure Child’s Play

Instead of waving flags at our Royal Wedding Play Date I thought that our guests might like to make, wave and play with ribbon sticks. These are quick and easy to make with minimum mess to clear up afterwards.[Contains affiliate links; I may earn from qualifying purchase but it does not affect the price you pay in any way.]

This is also a great chance to use up left over ribbon and tape supplies from gift wrapping and other crafts because the more color and texture involved the better.  I’ve stuck to red, white and blue here for the British and American themed event but you can alter them for any occasion.

I’m sure we’ll also be using these on the 4th July at the Independence Day parade.


(UK links to be added shortly, sorry UK readers)

Wooden Dowels – Approx 12inch (30cm)

Assorted washi tape

Variety of ribbon (Approx 2 yards / 1.5m per stick)


Children’s scissors

Ribbon sticks


1 – Encourage children to decorate their wooden dowel with a selection of washi tape pieces.  The tape is ideal for little fingers and fine motor skills because it is easy to peel and tear.  They can place small pieces horizontally as stripes or use wide tape to decorate the full length of the stick vertically.  They may also use any stickers or additional decoration you’ve got to hand.

Washi Tape pieces


2 – Cut pieces of ribbon approximately double the length dowel.  Most children love cutting so let them help in the process.  Place the top of the rod half way along the ribbon and tie in a tight double knot.  (It’s probably best if the adults do this to ensure it doesn’t come undone during all the mad waving that is to follow!)



And hey presto! One ribbon stick ready to wave, cheer and dance with.

Ribbon Sticks 2

This simple craft can be adapted for any age group by allowing the children increased independence. You could also consider having the children thread beads on to the finer ribbons.  For younger children you could use wooden rings instead of rods to reduce accidents if they are likely to run with the ribbon sticks.

Post your creations below!


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