One Play Dough to Rule Them All…

Ok, so that’s not strictly true.  There’s endless novelty recipes to be found: the softest, most sensitive, truly edible…  but the only recipe that’s ever stuck with us is this basic, no cook method that we then add into depending on what we want it for.

Here goes.


Playdough ingredients

2 cups flour – all purpose / plain (240 grams)

Half cup salt (150 grams)

2 tbsp cream of tartar

2 tbsp oil (vegetable/sunflower/canola… any type except engine works for me! Let me know if I’m wrong!)

2 cups of boiling water

2 drops glycerin


Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl. Make a well in the middle.

Stir wet ingredients including any extra coloring or scent (see below) in a jug. Mixing these first tends to give a more even color in my experience.

playdough well mix

Pour three-quarters of the liquid into the flour etc. and combine.  Add the rest of the liquid a bit at a time until it forms a pleasant dough. You probably won’t need all the liquid.


Knead the dough briefly until it feels smooth and pliable.  If I has become overly tacky you could add a little extra flour if needed.  Kneed in any dry extras such as glitter at this point.

playdough mix ins

Stored in an airtight container the play dough should last for months.

playdough octonaut ocean fun

Fun variations:

Food color gels (These are great for getting a vibrant color. Liquid colors tend to turn pastel when mixed with the white flour.)

Essential oils for scent

Glitter or glitter glue


Cocoa –  third to a half of a cup should get a good color and consistency (pure heaven!)

Jello (fab colour and smells)


The play possibilities are endless…enjoy experimenting and let me know what you come up with.









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