Beat Your Own Path! The Lazy Route to a Back Yard Adventure…

It doesn’t take much to convince me not to cut the grass but this is the perfect excuse! In the name of childhood fun put away the mower and give yourself a week off from the chore.

Last weekend was a busy one for us here. We’re in the final two weeks of the school term, the husband was on a long work trip and US Mother’s Day fell that Sunday.  There was no way I was going to manage to mow.  Come to think of it,  it was also too wet from all the thunderstorms…

But all that rain and following sun came in handy this week when we realized the garden was fast turning into our very own hay meadow. As soon as we got outside this Staurday we (well, the husband) took the lawnmower on a crazy route right around the house, looping back on itself, squeezing between trees and zigzagging just a little.  It created a single width track just right for the little bike riders.

While we got on with the rest of the chores they were able explore their own single-track. Our 8  year old is fairly well practiced at basic trails but it was ideal for our 3 year old to experience the feel of riding on the different surfaces, practice steering more accurately to stay in the lines and play new games with his brother. Avoiding the mowing turned into a real treat for at least three of the family! (Perhaps not so much for the one that had to cut the rest of the over grown garden later that day but he didn’t complain too much!).

I often bemoan the odd shape of our garden which makes it impractical to fence or use for very much in particular but it was perfect for creating this track.  If you have a more regular shaped yard you can still play, the path might just look a bit more like a wiggly race track!  Kids always invent their own game from whatever they have. And if your kids aren’t quite ready for bikes yet bring out the ride-ons or just let them run. Fresh air, exercise and adventure -what could be better?


Backyard Adventure


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