5 Recycled Products for Everyday People – Switches You’ll Barely Notice.

This last month or so I’ve been trying to make sure that everything our family puts out for recycling is actually recyclable.  We’ve always been fairly careful but it’s easy to get lax about rinsing bottles or behind the times with what your area’s current recycling contractor will and won’t take.  But it occurred to me, you’re really not solving much with recycling unless you actually use recycled products…

(Contains affiliate links)

We have really reduced what we put in the rubbish bin (trash) but we are by no means zero waste yet. Our recycling bin goes out for collection every week at least halfway full. So I decided to do a little research on everyday recycled products that can easily be used in the home.  These simple switches have been cost effective and give me the warm and fuzzies… because in a small way we’ve made a positive change.

Take a look a what we liked best.

Toothbrush Treats

In the bathroom plastics are rife and toothbrushes are a big offender. If you aren’t keen on a move to bamboo brushes then you could try Preserve.  They have adult and kid sized brushes, even the travel covers are made from 100% recycled plastic, at least 25% from Stonyfield Farms yogurt cups.  They also have a choice of medium, soft and ultra soft bristles. (UK link)

Power Up

While in an ideal world we would all use rechargeable batteries all of the time, I was pleased to see that Energizer are producing partially recycled batteries. Energizer Eco Advanced batteries are available in a variety of sizes and have proved, for us, to be a reliable and cost effective back up option. (UK link)

Write Away

If you can never find a pen when you want one and it’s time to reinvest in a new stash, Pilot have produced a fantastic range of recycled stationery supplies.  Pilot B2P – Bottle to Pen – are the world’s first recycled pens and pencils.  The retractable ballpoint pens are produced from 86% post consumer materials and come in a range of refillable ink colors.

They also have delightful gel pens for those of us that can’t resist the pretty things!

Sustainable Style

Plae shoes have been a real find for me! This summer my youngest is sporting their Mimo water shoes, Ty sneakers and will be trying out their Sam sandals – he loves them. They are light, flexible and fun.  Plae has a wide range of adult and children’s shoes which are produced in a sustainably minded solar powered, fair labor factory utilizing recycled milk jugs (PET) and water-based glues. (My UK favs!)

Paper Productiveness

Last but not least, because lets face it most of us use it everyday, toilet paper! While there are a few recycled choices in the stores we’re currently trying out a subscription service from the fantastic ethically and sustainably minded Who Gives a Crap! The organization which sells in the UK, US and Australia gives 50% of it’s profits to helping build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world, makes its main product from 100% recycled office paper and will cheer your day with their cheeky toilet humor! It’s our first month with them and so far so good. Why not give them a go to help you go too?

Please let me know if you’ve had any great recycled finds.


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