Start the Summer with a Surefire Hit – Throwable Paintballs!

Summer arrived with a wave of glorious heat so we thought we’d start the season as we mean to go on and throw a paintball party for friends.  Why not make your mark by giving them a bash too…

The last day of school has long been celebrated on both sides of the ocean with silly string, shaving foam and water fights but when Goblies Throwable Paintballs caught my eye a couple of weeks back I knew instantly they’d be perfect for an end of school year get together.

To ensure an ‘After Party’ to be remembered we combined paintballs, colored water squirters, bubbles, pizza and white tee-shirts. A sure recipe for success!

School was out at 11.30 on the last day of term and the kids were more than ready to go wild the minute they got back. Changed into white tees, play clothes and shoes, and googles (you don’t really want this stuff in your eyes) the participants grabbed small canvases as shields and were let loose on 400 plus paintballs. The chaos was fantastic and the art beautifully crazy! Everyone had a blast.

The paintballs are made from a seaweed derivative – brilliant because they are completely biodegradable and you don’t have to go around picking up all the scraps like you would with water balloons.  They are filled with colorful, non-toxic, goo which washes off completely. Perfect for eco-minded, child-friendly, outdoor fun.

The only issue we had with the materials was that some of the paintballs were very hard to pop. You really needed to put a bit of force behind them, so not easy for the younger children. But it didn’t distract from the fun.

If you’re looking for a quieter activity there are plenty of art project possibilities. Why not consider:

  • Letting the splattered canvas dry and using black markers to add limb and faces to create crazy characters.
  • Throwing them at an outlined word or character to color in.
  • Using masking tape to preserve white areas for a name, shape or pattern.
  • Making a 3D sculpture from card and pelting it to decorate.
  • Stretching material or card on the ground and stomping on the paintballs  – process art and sensory play in one!

It’s worth noting that the colors come out stronger on a material they can soak into. On the canvas they weren’t as vivid as I anticipated.

Goblies throwable paintballs, exclusive to Michaels, come in eight bold colors. Packets each contain 40 paintballs and are priced at $6.99 but regularly come in around $4 with the right coupons. I allowed one bag per child which was great for our young gathering but you might want two or three with older kids.


(This post is not sponsored in any way.)


2 thoughts on “Start the Summer with a Surefire Hit – Throwable Paintballs!

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  1. How much would you say this cost, per kid, for just the activity items (no food) – so paintballs, tees, canvases etc?


    1. I’d allow about $8 depending on numbers. The paintballs will probably come in around $5, multipacks of canvases can be split down to around $2 and tees would be similar – although all our guests wore their own…
      Watch out for those Michael’s coupons!


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