We’re Off to the Beach. What did I forget?

Hey! If you’re reading this the little boys and I are at the beach with Grandpa and awaiting the arrival of a certain Uncle and cousin from the UK. So yes, that’s me and 5 boys of varying ages on a lake vacation…I hope I’ve remembered to pack everything!

We’re staying in a vacation home super close to the beach. A lot will be provided but when travelling with children I like to be prepared – I’m not travelling light this time!

Here’s what made it into our case:

  • Beach towels – one each plus one to spare (Always good for mopping up something!)
  • Sand and water toys (Whatever we’ve collected over the last few years plus I’m thinking we’ll treat ourselves to a recycled set by Green Toys) (And in the UK)
  • Swim suits (two each for the kids, one for me)
  • Clothes (One for each day, plus one spare for the kids)
  • Hoodies or fleeces  – we’ll still want to play if it’s kind of cool…
  • Sneakers and water shoes/sandals (Walking and playing)
  • Sunscreen (two gallons for the red head!)
  • Bug spray just incase!
  • Small back pack of toys, games and books for car and house (incase of rain or in between beach visits)
  • Ball and frisbee for outside
  • Snacks – times a LOT
  • Loo roll / toilet paper
  • Small first aid kit
  • A sneaky beach science surprise

Go on…what did I forget? Comment below…

Beach packing

And have a good week everyone. See you when I’m back!



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