There’s Still Time to Squeeze Summer for its Magic…

It’s hard to believe but the last 11.5 weeks have gone in a flash! Today is the last day of school’s summer vacation.  Tomorrow we’ll be donning backpacks, taking the obligatory first day photos and heading out for the big yellow bus but right now we’re making sure that we squeeze every last drop out of the sunshine season…

The start of the long summer vacation can seem so daunting yet here I am wondering where it all went.  We’ve walked, read, biked and played. Done the beach, lake, pools and splash pads. Hunted trolls, discovered treasures, and scouted farmer’s markets. And parks, so many parks. There’s even been trains , motorbikes and a helicopter ride!

Importantly we also done plenty of nothing.  There’s been long, hot afternoons of only the paddling pool and BBQ. Evenings eating ice cream and mornings in our PJs. Movie nights and story times, bubbles blown and fireworks wondered at. Yes, there has also been squabbles, dentists and chaos (the mess is starting to get to me) but mostly it’s been good.

With a little bit of luck the school bell won’t ring the total end of summer though. Stateside the official end of summer is marked for many by Labor Day (always the first Monday in September) and that is still a couple of weeks away. This (bank) holiday is used to celebrate the best of the season with BBQs, pool parties and lapping up the last of the summer.  Even though it also sees the closing of swimming pools and other summer attractions,  I seem to recall the good weather lasting well into apple and pumpkins time last year…there’s still plenty of outdoor opportunity left.

So, as big brother heads back to school I’ll be sitting back a little and using the time to review our summer bucket list to see what final summer memories we want to make before all the after school activities and autumn adventures kick in.



So far we have:

  1. Water Blobs (We did these a few years back and they were ace, as above!)
  2. Homemade Ice Magic (Quick, easy and very yummy!)
  3. Mastering the Air Fort (We’ve had a few failed attempts but I’m hoping the duvet cover technique will be a winner! The humid weekend coming up should be good for this one.)
  4. More Geocaching.
  5. And, a summer city trip.


When are your children starting back at school? What’s left on your summer bucket list? I’ve still got time to try out new ideas and believe it or not I’m already building the Summer 2019  list!

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