The Great British Scone Debate Just Got an International and Somewhat Seasonal Twist!

Nothing speaks summer to me more than classic British scones and jam but, with unusually autumnal weather this last week, I found myself drawn towards American scone flavors. I thought I’d take this chance to share my two favorite scone recipes with you, one from each side of the ocean…

The Classic British Scone

Scones are a Great British institution so deep rooted that they have many a controversy surrounding them. Jam on before the cream, split it or spread on top, clotted cream or whipped? Or skip the cream and use butter? Fruit or plain? Savory alternatives? Oh, the decisions. We can’t even agree how to say the name. Long vowel or short, sc-oh-ne or sc-ow-ne! They’re debates with no conclusion.

This aside, I was planning on baking a big batch of my favorite scones this week with little brother’s help. He’s always happy to measure, pour and stir. And obviously you can’t beat licking the jam off a scone after it’s all done. (I guess I must put the jam on top then!)

Over the years I tried many different scone recipes. Often I’ve found the scones to taste good but be too heavy or dry. That was until I discovered this recipe from Paul Hollywood of The Great British Bake Off fame. It’s simple enough to follow but with enough detail to help master the knack of making everything light and well risen.

The New Contender – American Scones

But, as with all good summer plans, the weather changed and a little oasis of Autumn arrived, a respite from the heat and time for a change in flavors. I found myself craving American style scones! ‘Traitor’ I hear cried from across the pond! ‘Those can’t really be called scones, they are more like rock cakes!’. ‘American biscuits are more akin to scones than scones.’ Any which way, there are some totally delicious recipes out there and I really can’t resist these ‘fall’ themed Maple Oat Nut Scones from The Pioneer Women.

The Pioneer Women has been my introduction to making American food at home. Her recipes are well suited to family eating are photographed at every stage, making them super easy. I’ve found living abroad that while it’s nice to cook home comfort food you really need to get to grips with local cuisine. Often it’s hard to find the right ingredients for your traditional home country recipes and when you do find them they don’t necessarily taste or workout quite the same. Italian baking powder was always interesting – the one litre pumpkin pudding that rose over my two litre pudding bowl will always be legendary around here!


Anyway, her Maple Oat Nut Scones are simple enough to bake and big enough to share, although you might not want to! I have been known to try a raspberry and white chocolate scone while out, preferably warmed to avoid the dryness, but the rock hard blueberry ones were too reminiscent of those afore mentioned rock cakes to convert me to the American style. These coffee-frosted scones are too good to miss out on though.

So, go on then. How do you like yours?!

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