Get a Helping Hand Making a Greener Home

Want to be greener but not quite sure where to start? Mighty Fix by Mighty Nest could be your guide to making your home a more environmentally friendly living space.

As some of you know I have been trying to be more environmentally aware for some time. We have already taken our first tentative steps towards being a zero waste household  and as part of this about a year ago I took the plunge and signed up to a subscription service I’d been pondering.  Apologies if this reads like a shameless plug for the business but I promise you there’s no kickback for me on this one. I just really enjoyed the journey it has taken me on and want to share.

Anyway, back to the story. Mighty Nest advertisements had been popping up in my news feeds for a while and their ideas and greener products really appealed. While I was a little unsure exactly what I’d be getting and if I really needed what I’d be sent, their first month for a $1 promotion took all the risk out of the leap.  They regularly have similar promotions so it is worth checking in on their website and social media pages.

What is ‘Mighty Fix’?

If you subscribe to Mighty Fix, each month you receive one ‘eco product’ in the mail which they guarantee is valued greater than the $10 per month subscription fee that you pay. Simple!

However, it really is so much more than that. The product that you receive is designed to help you make one small change for the better in your home each month.  It’s a guiding hand and a little support on your pathway to greener living that takes the puzzling out of what to improve on next.  The products that I received encouraged me to make changes that I might not have been brave enough to buy or try otherwise.

What Might you Get?

I have received all sorts of different items – mostly for reducing waste and chemical use in the kitchen but also products for  bathroom, laundry and other parts of the home.  Some I have loved, some were just OK, one or two weren’t really for me but none were a total loss or waste of time.

Early on I received a set of dish cloths, which sounds dull I know, but paired with the accompanying advice have helped us give up the wasteful use of kitchen towel; wool drier balls to replace drier sheets and help reduce drying time; and a number of food wrapping solutions to eliminate plastic wraps and other single use plastics.  More recently I have been impressed with a chemical free kitchen cleaning solution in a reusable glass spray bottle and a number of items for the bathroom.

I had wondered if the fixes sent would be things I already had at home or simply had no use for but everything so far has been productive.


A major perk of the subscription for me is that each month you are offered the chance to buy extra items at a member’s discount of up to 30% off and can chose to ship them for no extra cost with your existing ‘Fix’.  I’ve discovered items that I wouldn’t have found in my regular haunts – natural dental floss! – and have refill items that I like to add on to my order most months now.

Getting mail is a simple joy (yes, I really enjoy these surprise bundles, even the cleaning products!) made warm and fuzzier by the eco-friendly packaging which tends to be either recycled or recyclable.  They even have biodegradable packaging peanuts! I find this really reduces the guilt associated with other online shopping outlets.


If you are keen to make some healthier and greener switches in your home, take a look at Maybe you’ll be inspired too.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored in anyway.  Products were purchased with the author’s own money and there is no affiliate association.


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