Last Minute Fun for Your Halloween Bash!

Need some last minute ideas for school halloween parties or home gatherings? I’ve adapted five of the net’s best crafts, games and activities ready for next week. Take a look at just how quickly you can throw together some spooky fun…

This time of year is always crazy busy for me. As well as the big run of holidays – Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas – to start planning for we have a few important birthdays in there too. Not to mention the school term being in full swing. This year, even though we are only doing birthday parties for four, I feel totally on the back foot. I’ve taken on the ‘room mom’ role for Big Brother’s forth grade class. For readers new to this, assuming they still don’t have room moms in UK schools (it was totally a new concept to me), this involves the planning, coordinating and running of the class’s Halloween, winter and Valentine’s parties, plus a few other things in between.

Now, I’ve thrown my fair share of kiddy parties before but this one baffled me a bit. We never really did Halloween when I was a child and generally I have more experience with party activities for younger children. I want to make sure that the five activity stations for the 25ish forth graders aren’t too babyish and are varied enough that there’s something to delight everyone. Moreover, these activities have to come in at under a dollar a head and be prepped in my already packed schedule.

Here’s what I came up with!

Five Last Minute Party Ideas for Grade Schoolers:

Spider Web Wonders


Not everyone loves crafts but this spider web activity by seems just right for a group activity. I’ve pre glued the popsicle sticks, ready for coloring. Threading and weaving the web should be just enough challenge and who doesn’t love a plastic spider!? Hopefully every child will be able to take home a finished web to hang.

Monster Madness


Next, I thought I’d liven things up a bit! I realize that these kids are probably a bit past bozo buckets and bean bag tossing so I thought I’d ‘Halloween-Up’ an old Minute to Win It Game – ‘Junk in Your Trunk’. Contestants tie an empty tissue box to their back and have one minute to jump, dance or wiggle as many ping-pong balls as possible out of the box. My Halloween twist is that the balls are ‘eyeballs’ from Dollar Tree and I spray painted the tissue boxes and added hot glued google eyes to make them look like monsters. The students can work in pairs to keep track of all those rolling eyes!

Mystery Buckets


I saw these super cute Halloween Feel Boxes by BasicGray Altered and wanted to make something similar but with what I already had available. I’ve used canvas Halloween buckets from Target, just cutting a slit in the lining, to make containers on a larger scale. Contestants will spend time guessing what the hidden contents might be just from their sense of touch and the Halloween theme.

Stack ‘Em Up!


A simple fine motor skill made a little more exciting by the addition of a time limit and competition. And it involves no prep at all! Contests are to try and stack as many of these readily available and cheap erasers in one minute as possible. The person with the tallest tower still standing at the end of the minute wins the glory….

My ulterior motive on this one may have been that I can stuff the swag bags with the erasers after we’re done!

Dizzy Mummies

I’m sure a lot of our forth graders will have wrapped each other as mummies at Halloween parties in their younger days but in this twist they need to, well, twist! Contestants need to wrap themselves as mummies by spinning on the spot in the given time as their partners hold the toilet roll to unspool at speed.  The winner is whoever is judged to have made the best mummy.  Tons of fun, just makes sure they help clean up afterwards!

Have you got any Halloween fun planned? What makes the best Happen fun before children hit the haunted house age?

For more ideas take a look at my Halloween Pinterest board.

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