Super Last Minute Valentines Games for Kids

In keeping with the whirlwind start to the year, next week’s friendship parties and Valentines celebrations have rather crept up on me.  If you’re in the same boat take a look at this round up of my favorite children’s love themed activities.

I need five activity stations, each set up for groups of five children.  Our parties are about an hour long and while there’s no food involved we still need to keep things moving at a pace.  I think that these picks should include something that everyone will enjoy…

My Top Five Valentine’s Activities for Elementary Schoolers

First on my list was this all in one craft kit, Scratch Art Hearts, which I bought straight from Amazon. The best part of my budget went on it but as everything else was pretty easy to scrabble together I’m good with that! I think our 4th graders will make a good job of carving intricate patterns in the keepsakes and if I cover the table a cheap cloth clean-up should be quick and easy.

Next up is this minute-to-win-it style game  – Love Birds  which I found on Contestants slide valentines rubbery duckies along a table to heart shaped targets to score points.  It makes me think of mini curling…  I added numbers to my targets but it is sort of tricky to be accurate with a rubber duck so maybe I should have just gone with closest wins!

img_20190209_175243_8651308719027835595440.jpg also tipped me off about Cupid’s Arrow from Basically contestants fire/blow Q Tips (cotton buds) through straws at a valentines themed target. Harder than it looks but super fun. What’s not to love?

This cute Puppy Love Card made from paper hearts by Big Brother’s teacher loves all things canine so we are right on the classroom theme with the simple and craft.  Took me a while to pre cut all the hearts for 26 kids but it should make it easier on the day.
Puppy love card.jpg

Hearts Bingo Game from is also an easy win.  It’s a great holiday update on the classic game. She’ll email you the link for the printable and then all you have to do is cut it out and play.  I’m hoping this is my activity station on the day! (There’s also a great ‘find your partner’ character warm up game I’d have gone with if I ad more time.  Look out for it!)


Who’s already sorted for the 14th? What have you got planned for the kids?

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