Hello and welcome! My name is Claire. My family and I moved here, to the Chicagoland suburbs in Illinois, USA, from the UK nearly 5 years ago. Before that I worked as a secondary school English teacher in Yorkshire and spent a lot of time in Northern Italy where my husband was working.

Travelling and living abroad with two young boys, now 8 and 3 – so yes one is actually American -,  has been full of fun, learning and adventure. However, it can also be challenging. Raising children away from your family and support network can be isolating and exhausting. When you couple that with the routine strains of being a stay-at-home parent it’s been important to find things to do, make and explore that engage and delight both the children and myself.

I’m starting this blog as a celebration of our journey embracing new customs, maintaining homeland traditions and forging our own family blueprint of life. I hope you’ll join us in treasuring all the unusual things we find filling our teacups…

C x



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