Indulge Yourself in a Little Thanksgiving

For all so many reasons Thanksgiving can be a tad awkward for Brits. However, it's good to put aside the ernestness and uncomfortable politics, give in to eating sweet food with your mains and indulge yourself in the most wholesome bits of the nicest of American holidays. Simple Origins In the US, Thanksgiving is the... Continue Reading →

There’s Still Time to Squeeze Summer for its Magic…

It's hard to believe but the last 11.5 weeks have gone in a flash! Today is the last day of school's summer vacation.  Tomorrow we'll be donning backpacks, taking the obligatory first day photos and heading out for the big yellow bus but right now we're making sure that we squeeze every last drop out... Continue Reading →

Fin-tastic Reads With Real Bite!

We are riding the crest of the Shark Week wave here after the launch last night and are organizing our week around all things ocean! We've found a fun journal to plan our watching, studies and play and have the low down on the best shark books for fans of the fins. First up, is... Continue Reading →

Grow Your Own Nature Hikers

My kids are not walkers. Bikes they can ride for miles, both had no training wheels before they were three and a half and could cover good distance, but walking they hate (or so they think). Which is a shame because as whole we love the great outdoors. I'm trying to change this. Read on... Continue Reading →

My Firework Drought is Over!

The 5th of November, Guy Fawkes Night, used to be my favorite night of the year. Well, I guess it still might be but I haven't been in eight years. The firework drought is finally over though. I found away to make summer fireworks doable... My oldest son was born 7 weeks early not long... Continue Reading →

A Beginner’s Guide to the 4th July…

American Independence Day, or the 4th July, is huge here. It's one of those rare days when the whole country stops and celebrates the same things - all things stars, stripes and summer. As such, it is probably surprising for anyone that's grown up with this tradition that many people back in the 'Mother Country'... Continue Reading →

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