Zero(ish) Waste Snack Challenge! – Jr Edition

A roundup of snack low-waste, nearly healthy snack ideas for children.

Start the Summer with a Surefire Hit – Throwable Paintballs!

Summer arrived with a wave of glorious heat so we thought we'd start the season as we mean to go on and throw a paintball party for friends.  Why not make your mark by giving them a bash too... The last day of school has long been celebrated on both sides of the ocean with... Continue Reading →

Six months of winter, done!

So that's it. Cancel everything in the name of good weather. It's time to shed the winter shells and get outside! The weather in Illinois is great for the English - there's always something to talk about! The seasons are so extreme; true winters and summers with mind blowing lows and sweltering highs.  Autumn, or... Continue Reading →

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