Don’t Lose Your Rind… We’ve Everything You Need to Celebrate National Watermelon Day!

We love a novelty holiday here and what could be better than celebrating everyone's favorite summer fruit - the watermelon!? Friday August 3rd is National Watermelon Day so we've gathered our hints, tips and best recipes, plus some from the net, to bring you a bushel of ideas to join in the festivities.   The... Continue Reading →

Fin-tastic Reads With Real Bite!

We are riding the crest of the Shark Week wave here after the launch last night and are organizing our week around all things ocean! We've found a fun journal to plan our watching, studies and play and have the low down on the best shark books for fans of the fins. First up, is... Continue Reading →

My Firework Drought is Over!

The 5th of November, Guy Fawkes Night, used to be my favorite night of the year. Well, I guess it still might be but I haven't been in eight years. The firework drought is finally over though. I found away to make summer fireworks doable... My oldest son was born 7 weeks early not long... Continue Reading →

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