Indulge Yourself in a Little Thanksgiving

For all so many reasons Thanksgiving can be a tad awkward for Brits. However, it's good to put aside the ernestness and uncomfortable politics, give in to eating sweet food with your mains and indulge yourself in the most wholesome bits of the nicest of American holidays. Simple Origins In the US, Thanksgiving is the... Continue Reading →

Last Minute Fun for Your Halloween Bash!

Need some last minute ideas for school halloween parties or home gatherings? I've adapted five of the net's best crafts, games and activities ready for next week. Take a look at just how quickly you can throw together some spooky fun... This time of year is always crazy busy for me. As well as the... Continue Reading →

Dive in to Shark Week With Us!

Forget apple pie, baseball and pick up trucks, the most American of institutions is returning to the small screen next week and anticipation is hitting fever point around here! Shark Week's 30th anniversary event starts on Sunday July 22nd and we've got fin-tastic fun for all, whichever side of the ocean you're watching from... Having... Continue Reading →

A Beginner’s Guide to the 4th July…

American Independence Day, or the 4th July, is huge here. It's one of those rare days when the whole country stops and celebrates the same things - all things stars, stripes and summer. As such, it is probably surprising for anyone that's grown up with this tradition that many people back in the 'Mother Country'... Continue Reading →

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