Autumn Oobleck for Kids Who Hate to be Slimed!

Slime, oobleck, cloud doughs and the like are all popular fun for most children; they generally delight in the grossness and chance to get mucky. But if, like me, you have children who are reluctant to get their hands dirty, have a go at making out Autumn Oobleck to let them enjoy the sensory science... Continue Reading →

How to Juice Nine Fun Activities Out of One Bag of Apples!

Looking for some easy fall fun for the little ones? We've found nine great pre-school activities in one bag of apples! Little Brother started pre school this month. I'm celebrating my two and a half hours of freedom three times a week but that does still leave us with a whole bunch of other time... Continue Reading →

Sensory Bin 101

Sensory bins are one of the few things which keep my children playing independently for a solid hour.  As such I'm all for them! Read on for a basic guide on how to create your own... A sensory bin is formed from any safe, tactile material which encourages children to play while engaging the senses.... Continue Reading →

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